Our Practice Areas

Following graduation from Law School, Mr. Zapcic immediately began his training as a trial attorney, handling complex medical malpractice and premises liability cases on behalf of several Fortune 500 companies through their insurance carrier. Mr. Zapcic branched out, handling plaintiff’s injury cases commencing in 1984 and continuing to the present.

Matrimonial Matters

Mr. Zapcic has handled hundreds of matrimonial actions, and truly understands the emotions which arise when a family unit is dissolved. Having been married for over 26 years, and having raised four children, Mr. Zapcic has a unique perspective into the demands on a husband and wife, and the impact of a marital dissolution upon the children. That understanding coupled with the empathy necessary to allow the parties to dissolve their union at whatever pace they choose, has been truly appreciated by the matrimonial clients who look to Mr. Zapcic as a strong but sensitive advocate on their behalf. Matrimonial matters include the following:
• Child Custody and Visitation
• Parenting Time
• Post-Divorce Custody Modifications
• Child Support Enforcement
• Property Division
• Alimony/Maintenance
• Equitable Distribution of Property
• Out-of-State Relocation of Custodial Parent
• Pendente Lite
• Domestic Violence

Criminal and Municipal Matters

In criminal and municipal court, Mr. Zapcic recognizes that the clients charged with criminal or quasi criminal offenses look for a realistic, common sense approach to their current criminal dilemma. Combining a strong knowledge of the case law governing criminal offenses and the strict burden of proof imposed upon the State, coupled with the practicality and extraordinary expense involved in defending oneself against the quasi-criminal charges brought by the State. Mr. Zapcic provides his clients with the aggressive legal strategy necessary to fight the State while recognizing the limited resources of the accused. Criminal and municipal matters include the following:
• Assault
• Disorderly Conduct
• Domestic Violence
• Drug Possession and Distribution
• Harassment
• Juvenile Delinquency
• Theft
• Burglary
• Criminal Mischief
• Disorderly Conduct

Probate & Estate Matters

In 1999, Mr. Zapcic expanded his trial practice into probate and estate litigation, commencing with the infamous Monmouth County case of In Re Estate of Stockdale, involving allegations of undue influence upon an elderly wealthy widow owning valuable property in Spring Lake, New Jersey. Mr. Zapcic later defended the estate of a wealthy real estate magnate in the matter entitled In re Estate of Carl Massaro, involving complicated estate practice and palimony claims by a paramour of the decedent. That case was tried in Hunterdon County over the course of eighteen non-consecutive days, with the claimants receiving less than 4% of their claim from the estate. Probate/Estate matters include:
• Wills
• Power of Attorneys
• Living Wills
• Will Contest
• Probate

Personal Injury & Workers' Compensation Matters

Mr. Zapcic has handled thousands of personal injury cases over the last 30 years. Mr. Zapcic comes from a medical family, having been raised by a doctor father and a nurse mother. That upbringing, coupled with his experience in handling personal injuries over the past thirty plus years, has enabled him to understand and grasp the anatomy and physiology of the human body, in order to educate the juries as to the particular body part injured in the accident and the effect that injury will have on the injured party and his/her family. Personal injury matters include:
• Assault
• Automobile or Truck Accident
• Back, Neck, or Disc Injuries
• Bus, Train, Boat or Plane Accidents
• Casino Negligence
• Children’s Injuries
• Construction Accidents
• Defective Product Accidents
• Dog Bite Accidents
• Fracture/Broken Bones
• Head Injuries
• Ice/Snow Fall Downs
• Motorcycle Accidents
• Negligent Landlord/Property Owner Injuries
• Scars/Burns
• Sidewalk & Road Defects
• Slip, Trip & Fall Cases
• Sports/Playground/Amusement Park Injuries
• Supermarket/Store/Shopping Mall Injuries
• Victims of Drunk Drivers
• Whiplash, Strains & Sprains
• Work Related Injuries
• Wrongful Death